mapindonesiaKnown mineral resources include gold, copper, nickel, coal, tin, oil and gas. Indonesia’s most resource rich areas include: Papua, Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra and Sulawesi for gold and copper; Kalimantan and Sumatra for coal; and Bangka Island for tin.

Indonesia’s New Mining Law, introduced in 2009, was enacted to promote investment in the mining sector. The intention behind the Law is to make Indonesia a more attractive and secure investment destination than it has been in the past.

Indonesia’s mining industry is regulated at both the central and regional government levels. All ownership of minerals is retained by the state and must be used for the greatest benefit of the people of Indonesia (Article 33 of the Constitution).


Mongolia’s coal resources lie in the south near the border of China. The resources are perfectly located for export to China, the world’s largest coal consumer.

Eastern-Africa-mapEast Africa

The East African region’s development is focused on the coal, gold, iron ore and uranium sectors.

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