East Africa

mapseastafricaKnown to have large untapped mineral deposits and energy reserves, the countries within the region are subsequently at different stages of realising this potential. (Source: http://www.austrade.gov.au/Mining-to-East-Africa)

The East African region’s development is focused on the coal, gold, iron ore and uranium sectors.The value of the projects focused on developing coal, gold and iron ore deposits in Mozambique is expected to exceed $7 billion. Zambia is expected to see investments of up to $2.5 billion during the period 2012–2015, with copper and cobalt being the key sectors.

Currently gold is the key mineral mined in Tanzania; however it is expected that coal, nickel and uranium production may grow in importance as Tanzania looks into expanding the sectors contribution to the GDP from the current 2.8 per cent to 10 per cent by 2025. (Source: Tanzania Development Vision 2025).

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Mongolia’s coal resources lie in the south near the border of China. The resources are perfectly located for export to China, the world’s largest coal consumer.


Indonesia’s most resource rich areas include: Papua, Nusa Tenggara, Sumatra and Sulawesi for gold and copper; Kalimantan and Sumatra for coal; and Bangka Island for tin.

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