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Graphite mining has become a valuable necessityp35 as the rare and unique chemical and physical properties of graphite have led to it being a dominant requirement in the world’s high technology applications and energy initiatives. It is increasingly seen as a strategic mineral globally.

As graphite cannot be substituted by any other minerals due to its unique properties, greater volumes of graphite will be needed in order to satisfy high technology industries. Its rate of demand is set to rise even further with governments seeking greener energy solutions; fuel cell technology is seen as the future for sustainable portable self-contained energy solutions. Furthermore, research by the University of California predicts that by 2030, 64% of all US made cars will be electric, setting Graphite for exponential growth. To meet these ever increasing demands, the value and importance of graphite mining will undoubtedly grow.

Highlighting the increasing demand for graphite is the recent launch of the Graphene Flagship, the €1 billion European Commission Initiative to develop graphene research and commercial production through 75 institutions and industrial partners across 17 European countries. This venture highlights picture 4the EU as a serious player in the exponentially growing global market for graphene. And with the impending graphite revolution in mind, industry and academia are collaborating to identify what will allow graphite to reach its true potential in the vast array of fields that are eagerly waiting to be revolutionized by one of the most promising material discoveries of the century.

Currently, African graphite is world renowned for its large and high purity flake that command high prices. One such country identified for its high grade graphite is Ethiopia. Known for its richness of culture and history, it is equally a land of natural contrasts, from its fertile jungles and numerous rivers to its stunning mountain ranges and caves. It is therefore no surprise that exploration has identified it as a rich source of high grade Graphite. With the increasing need for graphite globally and increasing demand from countries such as China, Japan, India, South Korea and North America, graphite mining in Ethiopia is capable of producing and contributing large quantities of the world’s requirement for quality graphite.

goldiconGold has been a valuable and highly sought-after metal for the use of producing coins, jewellery, art and as part of the infrastructure of buildings. It is an attractive, dense, malleable metal that is capable of maintaining its appearance without tarnishing in air or water.


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