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Asia Pacific Gold Mining Investment Ltd (Asia Pacific GMI Ltd) has been formed to acquire one or more operating businesses through mergers, capital stock exchange, share purchase, asset acquisition, reorganization or similar transactions.

Gold opportunities and other valuable mineral resource areas are being considered globally. The business opportunities associated with these resources includes related activities such as evaluation, development, associated infrastructure, production and the investment in off-set arrangements which lead to rights over the acquisition of gold and other rights over valuable mineral resources throughout the world and in the Asia-Pacific Region.

We will seek investment opportunities in any geographic region that is consistent with the overriding business purpose of Asia Pacific GMI Ltd.

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Business Strategy

business-strategyAsia Pacific GMI Ltd’s strategy is to acquire existing resource operations or options for gold and other precious resources mining exploration rights and associated services. The type of investments made into an activity is determined by the nature of the risk and operation.


About us - DemandWorld wide demand for gold continues to rise, in particular from government backed acquisition and market hot spots in India and China.

Our Team
Our teamThe Asia Pacific GMI team draws on expertise in business finance, mergers and acquisition and international trade. The team is well qualified to identify value propositions for acquisition and negotiate the subsequent purchase.

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